I miss!

SOOOOO much to write about…..I have three posts started and two emails to beyond-kind readers/bloggiefriends (because if you read my blog, you are for sure a bloggiefriend of mine!) HALFway done (I apologize, ladies..)…..and I MISS YOU GUYS SO FREAKIN MUCH!  I need to get my post mojo workin’, and what better way than to just drop in and say hello….

Also, random, but walnuts are gross.  Am I the only one?  They taste like a mix between chalk and aluminum foil.



Also, I’ve been drawing more.  Just fun Katie drawings that come out of nowhere.

Expect to see more of these in the near future.

Oh, and as far as the lower lefthand corner goes — yes, yes that does say “Fage 0%,” and yes those are egg whites with salsa.


A Day Off

Is not all it’s cracked up to be, turns out!

So today, I had the FULL day to do whatever tickled my fancy (what is the origin of that phrase??  it makes NO sense).  I worked a few long days/nights in a row, Mondays are when I have class, and next week I have a pretty packed schedg’ before I hop on a plane to U of  O to visit my brother (YES!!!), see Elton John (DOUBLE YES!!!), and tour the Nike campus (TRIPLE YES!!!).  Today?  There was NOTHING calling my name at any one specific time during the day.

I ended up lounging around till about 10am, going to the gym (workout today: 4.5 miles in 30 minutes finished off with 5 minutes of 10-incline jog/power walking, 15 minutes chest/shoulders/lats/bi’s/tri’s/squattage, 10 mins abs, 5 mins grossly blow-drying the sweat from my hair so i looked somewhat presentable to the world), buying groceries at TJs for the week (or however long they last, which is usually not long), visiting Space 15-Twenty and trying on vintage dresses (half of which would only fit if I got both a breast AND rib reduction), walking along my street and exploring all the little shops, buying my mom a Valentine’s Day treat at the gourmet market down the block, and making some sort of eggplant-chickpea dip (which could also be heated and eaten as a soup).  I kept my day busy, I guess….but besides logging miles and working up a sweat, I didn’t do much.  And have NO plans tonight.

Now, I am the first one to sing the praises of Me Time, of staying in, of being a little hermit-esque.  While I’m pretty gregarious and high-energy, I’m an introvert by nature, and therefore am recharged by time spent ALONE, not with others (as is the case with extroverts).  But tonight, for some reason, it is REALLY bugging me that I have no plans.  I texted a few friends and they’re either busy or laying low.  I called my parents and they are wishy-washy as to whether they want to sit in traffic or not.  Which is really frustrating since this is my ONE night off and my mom and I are really trying to see each other more often, because it makes me upset that I rarely see her anymore.  So I just said eff it and am now plopped on my couch with a bowl next to me that contained a little salad a mere few minutes ago (of course, I am still hungry, and will probably subject myself to lots of snackage instead of one big dinner this evening due to indecisive tastebuds).

And I am BORED.

Today has been pretty darn boring.  I hate, hate, HATE boring.  I could go see a show at the improv theatre by my place, but honestly, tonight was one of those rare nights that I REALLY wanted some company.  Why is it that the times we crave alone time are the times we cannot get it?  And now I have all the alone time in the world, it seems, and all I want is someone sitting in my living room with me drinking a bottle of wine.

This post is kind of a complainy woe-is-me post, BUT I’m writing because I am DETERMINED to find a positive in my current situation.

I guess…..I guess this is a testament to me, the fact that I don’t do Boring well.  Many people would think nothing of spending hours d-king away on Facebook in the late afternoon, or deciding spur of the moment to just walk the mile or so around the neighborhood shops (and spending money, which I vowed I would not do today, since I feel like I have been spending a lot lately.  On what, I have no clue.  Food.  Gas.  A pair of jeans I didn’t need.  But I like saving.  A LOT).  But it really pissed me off.  I was like….isn’t there some sort of audition prep I could do right now?  Nope.  I even googled “actor; stay productive” and got NO inspiration.  I mean, I’m totally stoked I ran (and ran fast, too!), but I can’t have a fantastic day just based off of a workout.

And there it is!

A fantastic workout does not equal a fantastic day.

I mean, it totally sets the MOOD for a fantastic day.  But, for me to have a FANTASTIC day, I need a few things to happen:

-fantastic workout (it’s a part of fantasticness, for sure….for today: check)

-saving money/ending the day with extra cash in the wallet

-taking care of errands (check?)

-doing something to further myself as an actor

-friend time

-mom time

-green/root juice in lieu of lunch (it keeps me feeling refreshed and cleansed in the middle of the day, and keeps me from the second cup of coffee!)

-a dose of quiet time (just not the whole freakin day…check times 24)

-learning at least one thing (check!)

Tomorrow, I have the day free until about 4pm, when I work at the restaurant (or until 3pm, when I head over the hill to the restaurant).  What can I do to maximize fantasticness?

Well, I can/will….

-get another great workout in, hopefully alongside a close friend

-deposit my spinning paycheck into the bank, drop my computer off at the Apple Store

-visit Pressed before work to stock up on my beloved juices

-buy/send valentine’s day cards for my grandparents, who don’t know how to turn on their computer (I’m not kidding.), so a funny animated e-card is completely out of the question

-contact at least one acting contact (repetitive much?)

-follow up with other job lead (visit at workplace pre-apple store)

-brainstorm sketch ideas to write/co-write.

Tonight might be boring…..but as long as I am not content in that boredness, well, I’m cool with that 🙂


ADVICE PLEA!!! QUESTION!!!  What suggestions do you have for me when I get into a Boring rut and am staying in on a Friday night???  Any and all suggestions welcome.  Please.  Pretty please 😉

today’s workout and myu-zic

45-minute self-spin (what I call the times I spin by myself with my iPod, not in a class or teaching a class)

in no particular order:

-black&yellow -wiz khalifa
-no love coming home – mick boogie & terry urban (from Viva La Hova album)
-my moon my man – feist
-over – drake
-saturday night’s alright for fighting (GETTING PUMPED TO SEE ELTON IN CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!!!) – sir elton john the amazing
-double vision – 3OH!3 feat. wiz khalifa
-bright lights – gary clark jr
-whip my hair (yes, i went there.) – willow smith
-long time – boston
-lady – styx
-grey gardens (recovery/cooldown) – rufus waiwright

15 minute quick ab/arm circuit, possible hike (if I have time before work)

in other news, if you read my old blog, you know I love 7-11 coffee.  i realized the other day that, since I have been using my refillable cup (which reads “I take my coffee with cream, sugar, and awesome”), I now have a big problem paying more than a dollar for a cup of coffee. i’ve also become a 7-11 connoisseur of sorts. there are worse things, right?