I miss!

SOOOOO much to write about…..I have three posts started and two emails to beyond-kind readers/bloggiefriends (because if you read my blog, you are for sure a bloggiefriend of mine!) HALFway done (I apologize, ladies..)…..and I MISS YOU GUYS SO FREAKIN MUCH!  I need to get my post mojo workin’, and what better way than to just drop in and say hello….

Also, random, but walnuts are gross.  Am I the only one?  They taste like a mix between chalk and aluminum foil.



Also, I’ve been drawing more.  Just fun Katie drawings that come out of nowhere.

Expect to see more of these in the near future.

Oh, and as far as the lower lefthand corner goes — yes, yes that does say “Fage 0%,” and yes those are egg whites with salsa.