today’s workout and myu-zic

45-minute self-spin (what I call the times I spin by myself with my iPod, not in a class or teaching a class)

in no particular order:

-black&yellow -wiz khalifa
-no love coming home – mick boogie & terry urban (from Viva La Hova album)
-my moon my man – feist
-over – drake
-saturday night’s alright for fighting (GETTING PUMPED TO SEE ELTON IN CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!!!) – sir elton john the amazing
-double vision – 3OH!3 feat. wiz khalifa
-bright lights – gary clark jr
-whip my hair (yes, i went there.) – willow smith
-long time – boston
-lady – styx
-grey gardens (recovery/cooldown) – rufus waiwright

15 minute quick ab/arm circuit, possible hike (if I have time before work)

in other news, if you read my old blog, you know I love 7-11 coffee.  i realized the other day that, since I have been using my refillable cup (which reads “I take my coffee with cream, sugar, and awesome”), I now have a big problem paying more than a dollar for a cup of coffee. i’ve also become a 7-11 connoisseur of sorts. there are worse things, right?


2 Comments on “today’s workout and myu-zic”

  1. RoseRunner says:

    I’ll follow you anywhere! Excited to see what this new blog is all about.

    I love your music recommendations — I got into Fitz and the Tantrums because of you, and they are slowly making it big!

    P.S. I’m an old reader, but a new blogger. I probably used to comment under the name Caitlin.

    • Caitlin, thank you!!!!! I just clicked on your blog and cannot wait to read your posts (the background is beautiful, btw). You’re so sweet, and I’m glad you’ll still be stopping by 🙂

      So glad you like the music I post and that you are diggin Fitz….I’m burning that album for everyone I know; I think they are SO unique and talented and everyone should know about them 🙂

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